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Can't find the answer you're looking for? Ask in the 🆘╏help-forum channel Discord.

Problem: Lost supporter version.

Solution: Try...

  • Check your email for the download link
    1. Go to your email provider (Gmail, Outlook, etc.)
    2. Search your inbox for "Droptop" or "Gumroad", and see if you have a download link
    3. Note: Droptop's core (basic version) needs to be installed prior to applying the "Supporter Version" upgrade

Problem: Mails are not appearing in the Gmail app

Solution: Try...

  • Using 2-Step Verification? Create an app password for use with Rainmeter & Droptop
    1. In Security settings of your Gmail account, navigate to "App passwords"
    2. Under the "App" dropdown menu, select "Other"
    3. Type "Droptop" and press enter
    4. Google will generate a password for you. Copy the password
    5. In Droptop settings >> Options >> Apps >> Mail menu, paste the password into the password field
  • Check your Gmail account settings
    1. In the Droptop settings >> Options >> Apps >> Mail menu, set your Gmail username and password
    2. Press enter to confirm your entry after typing

Problem: I received an email saying that "Somebody tried to log into my account"

No one actually attempted to log into your account. No one has your log in information except you. The "Somebody" that tried to log into your account was you, but Gmail did not recognize you. Ensure that 2-Step verification is enabled on your account and use an app password for Droptop, explained above.

Problem: Receiving an error when installing the update

Solution: Try...

  • Log off of your Windows account and log back in
  • Re-run the install file

Problem: An application I'm using isn't the name I want displayed on the bar


  • Create your own substitution
    1. To add your own substitution, with the app selected, click on the application's name in the Droptop bar
    2. In the dropdown menu, select "More options", then "Change app name".
    3. The file will open. In this file, find the variable UserAppSubstitutions=
    4. Select the end of this line. A template for a new app substitution has been added to your clipboard. Select the end of this line and paste (Ctrl + V)
    5. Replace NEW-APP-NAME with your application's new name.
      • Tip: If the first character of the application's name is a lowercase letter (eg. iTunes), use a non-space character as the first letter in your substitution. For example: ,"iTunes","[\x200B]iTunes"
      • Tip: If the substitution doesn't work, try adding (?is) to the beginning of your app name to make the line case-insensitive. For example: ,"(?is)Explorer":"Finder"
      • Note: Must be exact words and is case-sensitive.
      • Substitutions use RegEx.

Problem: Droptop is slow

Solution: Try...

  • Enable Hardware Acceleration
    1. Right-click on the Rainmeter icon in the Windows system tray (it's rain drop shaped)
    2. Select "Manage"
    3. Select the Settings tab
    4. Check box "Use hardware acceleration (Requires restart)"
    5. Right click on an empty portion of the Droptop bar. Select More options >> Restart Rainmeter.
    6. Note: Some PCs may have issues with hardware acceleration turned on, including slower performance and graphical glitches. If these occur, disable hardware acceleration.
  • Disable "Use heavy blur"
    1. Go to Droptop settings >> Options >> Blur effects
    2. Disable "Use heavy blur effect">
    3. Note: This setting is theme-specific. You may need to re-disable this setting if you switch to another theme.

Although Droptop uses very few resources when sitting idle in the background, you may want to optimize Droptop for extended laptop battery life. Here are some solutions:

Problem: I need to maximize my battery life

Solution: Try...

  • Disable unused system tray apps
    1. Right-click on a system tray app in the top-right corner
    2. De-select any apps you don't frequently use. Apps can be re-enabled later at any time.
  • Enable "Game mode"
    1. When not using Droptop for an extended period of time, you can go to the Windows system tray, right-click on the Rainmeter icon (the rain drop icon), and select "Game mode". Droptop will deactivate completely
    2. To reactivate Droptop, de-select the "Game mode" option.

Problem: Not displaying song title & artist in the Volume app

Solution: Try...

  • Restart Rainmeter or Restart your PC
  • If you are on Windows 11 and you have a non-english date format the plugin might not work. Try changing your date format to english.
    • Example: someone reported that with Turkish date format the plugin wasn't working, but after changing the date format to English (USA) or English (UK) the issue was fixed.

Problem: The webparser isn't retrieving data

Solution: Try...

  • Exit and re-open Rainmeter
    1. Right click on an empty portion of the Droptop bar. Select More options >> Restart Rainmeter.
  • Check your internet connection or restart your PC
  • Make sure your Gmail username/password is correct in the Mail app
  • Make sure your selected currency in the Exchange app is the correct 3 letter code (eg. USD or GBP)

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Ask in the 🆘╏help-forum channel Discord.